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Millions of women struggle with pelvic pain on a daily basis, and it can occur at any stage of life. Unfortunately, women often feel alone in their pain and are reluctant to talk about pelvic pain.  Many women mistakenly think they are “the only ones,” and do not seek out support. Women may not even report this pain to their doctors either out of embarrassment, or by incorrectly assuming that there is nothing that can be done to alleviate their symptoms.

 The good news is, physical therapy can help!

The pelvic floor is  highly innervated and muscular, and these musculoskeletal issues are often contributing factors to pelvic pain.  As an expert in women's health issues, Rivki addresses her clients' concerns with sensitivity and clinical expertise. Following a  thorough evaluation, she designs a customized treatment plan to help her clients  achieve their own goals for treatment

​​Pelvic Pain

Vulvar Vestibulitis



Dyspareunia: Difficult or

Painful Intercourse