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Physical Therapy for women

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​​​​​​​Prenatal Yoga Program​​​

In her practice, Rivki often utilizes prenatal yoga techniques with her clients.Yoga is a powerful tool to help de-stress painful and aching areas of the body and provide relief. Rivki offers individualized prenatal yoga instruction and training. During these sessions, her clients learn to to utilize yoga positions and breathing techniques to help minimize and manage their symptoms.


The joy of this beautiful stage in life, when parts of your body that you never knew existed start to ache. Back, hip, and sacroiliac pain are common in both pregnancy and postpartum. In her physical therapy practice, Rivki employs gentle therapeutic techniques to help eleviate these symptoms so her clients can get back to enjoying this exciting (& exhausting!) time in their lives. ​

Management of Pain & Instability

Prenatal Yoga

Diastasis Recti/ abdominal muscle sepatation

C Section Recovery & Scar Management


Childbirth Preparation & Recovery


​Pregnancy & Postpartum


The months after delivery are busy for new mothers as they care for and nurture their newborns. It is critical that women take this time to heal and nurture their own bodies so they can rebuild and recover from the stresses and strains of pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Rivki helps women recover from common postpartum issues such as hip, back and SI pain, prolapse, c-section (scar management), and diastasis recti. Rivki will help you recover faster so you can get back to enjoying your little one.



Just as an athlete trains in preparation for a big sporting event, preparing your body for pregnancy can be beneficial for both mother and fetus. During the nine month marathon of pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes dramatic changes while her baby develops inside. Preparing your body with physical therapy can help target the muscles necessary for supporting you in the journey ahead.